What is enter?

enter is an easy to use ipad application that allows office visitors to notify you when they arrive and find out where to go and what to do. It works great for small businesses and co-working locations.

Do you supply the ipad or stand?

No, feel free to use the links below to buy a refurbished iPad and either floor or table stand from Amazon. Click to buy - iPad 2 - ipad floor stand - ipad desk stand

What iPad version can we use?

enter will work on any ipad 2 or newer version. Identify your iPad model.

What if we don't have power where we want to set up the ipad?

Customers have purchased an Anker battery and attached it to the back of the iPad to provide power for the entire day. Click to buy - Anker Battery

How easy is it to upload employees into the application?

Very, you can upload them yourself or send the employees a link to load their contact information.

What employee information do we need?

First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Cell Phone Number

Do you offer support?

Yes, we provide support within 48 hours. Please email support@enterapp.co

How long does it take to set up our organization?

Setup usually takes under 10 minutes.

Does the contract renew automatically?

Yes, but you can opt out at anytime.

How do we pay?

Payment is easy, you add your credit card info through the Admin system.

is this app available on the app store, how do I find it?

Yes, the app is available in the app store. Search Enter Entry App.

Do we get a discount for paying up front?

Yes, you can receive a 2 month discount for paying for a year in advance.

Do you offer other discounts?

Yes, for each referral that signs up and becomes a paying customer you receive a free month credited to your account.

What languages does enter support?

The app is available in English.

How do I make edits on the iPad?

Through our easy to use admin system.

Can we have more than one company?

Yes, enter was developed to work at locations with more than one company.

Can we collect names and email addresses of visitors?

Yes, if you want to have your guests add their name, email address or photo when they check-in you can enable that feature in the admin.

Do you provide visitor analytics?

Yes, in the admin you can see all data for employee check-ins.

The ipad isn’t updating after I’ve made edits through the admin.

To update the app, log out of the ipad and log back in.

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